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   We are a small group of private investigators ready to assist you with whatever needs you may have.  Don't be overwhelmed, we have all the answers and resources you need.  So please, take a moment and look through some of the various services we offer. And feel free to leave an inquiry at the end.




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   The monitoring of behavior, activities, or other changing information, usually of people and often in a private manner. It most usually refers to observation of individuals or groups by government organizations.


    Skip Tracing is the business of locating missing persons. Skip tracers find people using background check technology. Experienced skip tracers can find most individuals in a matter of minutes!

Skip Tracing

Employee Theft

   We investigate employee theft problems regardless of the stage of the discovery. We can assist you in conducting the investigation, obtaining statements from witnesses and suspects, and assisting in cooperation with local authorities if requested. All matters are carried out discretely and with confidentiality.


Subpoena Services

   We can perform service of process for all kinds of documents. We will do what it takes to accomplish the most sensitive services, including stakeout and surveillance.

Undercover Operations

   As licensed private investigators in California, we can provide covert undercover operations using high-tech, state-of-the-art surveillance equipment for a sophisticated undercover sting operation that will ultimately hold up in a court of law.

Criminal and Civil Assistance

   Civil Investigations require putting together a detailed and comprehensive written report regarding the results of our research. This gives our client the option of keeping their matter "in-house" or pursuing their case in a court of law. For attorneys, we can attempt to locate and interview witnesses and obtain their statements. We also conduct video surveillance and other related services for trial preparation.


Crime Scene ANALYSIS

 All criminal cases require the services of a professional investigator. The criminal investigator is one of the most important members of the defense team.  The criminal investigator has several different, but equally important functions in preparing for an effective defense to the government’s or anyone’s charges.  Our team and criminal investigator’s staff consist of former Federal law enforcement officers have the knowledge, skills, experience and training to provide professional criminal defense investigations.


Background Investigations

   Utilizing the latest in technologies we can provide quality background screening for your potential employee or significant other. Local laws do apply.

Identity Theft

   This crime should concern anyone using the Internet. Identity "crooks" can loot your bank account, run up massive credit card charges and worst of all, destroy your credit rating. You face a more significant threat for identity theft from people you know casually and who you might want to trust - but any of them could be a drifter or con man. Do you know them? Do you just know what they are telling you? Do they offer a deal that is too good to be true? An electronic background check is fast and easy to do - don't take chances!

Internet Dating

   Our security expert suggests you run an independent background check before meeting anyone. Doing an electronic background check will enable you to know if the new guy or gal is legit – or a sexual predator. The stranger you just met - are they single? Are they financially secure? Do they have a career or are they jumping from one job to another. All of these questions can be answered by doing a background check.

Childcare & Elder-care

   Providers who come into your home can easily abuse your family and steal your valuables. Merely "checking references" is not enough. Electronic background checks are extremely inexpensive - especially compared to the potential for risk of wrongdoing!

Partners or Investors

   Potential partners or investors can be vetted with an electronic background check.

Indeed every potential partner or investor should be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement - but is that enough? We recommend doing a background check too!



pre-employment checks

   Pre-employment tests are having a profound impact in screening job applicants and the hiring practices of large and small businesses. One study showed that almost 70% of all resumes contain errors and misrepresentations - what is commonly referred to as "Resume Fraud"! Screening job applicants take time and cost money. We recommend a background check early in the selection process - don't wait until just before you offer a candidate a position!

Bodyguard Services

   Whether protecting senior executives or your family, our team has the expertise and experience to offer a broad array of protective services. Whatever situation you are in or are trying to avoid, we can help.

Darrell A. Wood & Associates provides highly qualified and professional protection services. We will provide a full spectrum of personal protection for individuals and their families who are residing or visiting the San Diego area. Our security professionals will discuss your security requirements with you and develop a security plan which meets your logistical, financial, and safety requirements.



Employment Investigations.

   Depending on the type of employee problem you're dealing with and its severity, you may have to go beyond conducting a basic research and employ advanced investigation techniques. These advanced technologies, such as employee monitoring and polygraph tests, may be legally prohibited under certain circumstances.

This includes but is not limited to:  conducting an investigation, investigating employees, discipline procedures, investigation procedures

If you're an employer you are likely at some point to become aware of a problem with an employee or receive a complaint from another worker or a customer. Before you take any action, you must first investigate the situation. You need to be sure that you have all the facts and that you understand what went on, as much as possible. To adequately investigate you will either have to conduct a fundamental investigation or need to turn to advanced investigation methods.


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C. A. PI #27181
C. A. PI #27181
Contact Darrell A. Wood & Associates Email: darrell.wood@dawpi.com Tel: (619) 793-8176 941 Orange Ave #118 Coronado, C.A. 92118
C. A. PI #27181